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The Full Story of

Dudley Creek Health (DCH)

Conceptualised in 2020 By Dr Chandru in the midst of Covid pandemic, Dudley Creek Health was officially opened on 19th May 2022. This health centre gets its name from Dudley creek, running through the front part of the property. The centre is designed with integrated patient care as the prime objective. It acts as a one-stop centre for consultation, diagnosis, investigation and treatment of ailments that could be treated in an out-patient setting.​

The facility was aimed at providing a professional environment for individual practitioners from various specialities. It was designed to help specialists benefit from the availability of trained and friendly support staff along with well-equipped investigation and operating rooms.

DCH is a well-resourced entity underpinned by sound business principles and effective governance. This centre operates on a policy of reinvestment which will ensure an on-going and up to date focus, with an emphasis on staff education and innovation. A pro bono and community connection will be integral to the facility.

DCH is located on the intersection of the main arterial Papanui Road with Blighs Road. There is ample space for car and cycle parking along with a facility for EV charging.

Our Mission

With the increase in health care cost and more constraints in getting access to the public health system with less priority health problems – the mission is to provide care to patients who require the service at a reasonable cost. 


To establish and operate a facility that will provide consultation, therapeutic and minor surgical services to patients from a variety of medical specialists and allied health care professionals. Most importantly, to provide cost effective procedure and therapy rooms available for professionals to treat their patient in a safe and friendly environment. Also to embrace a multidisciplinary team – Pain Management Team, Hand therapist, Specialist Nurse Practitioner, Orthotics etc. to provide a multi-disciplinary approach and provide maximum patient care and outcome of treatment.  


Also, this project should bring in job opportunities to people passionate in health sector providing the service required to the patients attending. The organisation has key policies in place to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of the employees and the sustainability of the workplace.

Reception - Dudley Creek Health

Our Vision

To promote innovation, new and cost effective methods of treatment and contribute to research.

Our Values

To treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Exterior - Dudley Creek Health
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