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New Patients

Please find information below about your first appointment and fill out the new patient registration form below. 

What to expect
at your first appointment

We will require you to fill in a New Patient registration form on your first visit to Dudley Creek Health. We are interested in your medical conditions along with current medications and also information regarding your health status for insurance purposes. Please feel free to fill in the New Patient Registration form online to save time during your visit. 


A normal consultation takes anywhere between 15-30 minutes or longer depending on the complexity of your medical condition. To help us provide a thorough assessment we suggest wearing comfortable clothes that will allow an appropriate clinical examination to be performed.


New consultations involve complete history taking including details of current and previous treatments and medications you have been prescribed. Any printed records of your treatment history will help us with your consultation.

Please note that your consultation may include further investigations including X-Ray, CT Scan (both available at Dudley Creek Health)​ or MRI (at Pacific Radiology).​ We request you allow adequate time for these investigations. 


If your condition is the result of an accident, please bring your ACC documents.

Imaging – MRI / Ultrasound / CT / Nerve Conduction Study:

When you know the date of your investigation, please let us know.  If you have not heard from us within 7 working days after the date of your investigation, please contact us for results.

Here are some other helpful links for
new patients

Informed Consent: Helping patients make informed decisions about their care

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The use of internet and electronic communication

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Ending a doctor-patient relationship

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Managing patient records

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Disclosure of harm following an adverse event

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When another person is present during a consultation

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