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Surgical operating rooms, consultation rooms and seminar rooms available
to hire

Reception - Dudley Creek Health
Consultation Rooms
Operating Rooms
Seminar Rooms

Dudley Creek provides two
cost-effective procedure rooms,
four consultation rooms, one physio room for professionals to treat their patients in a safe and friendly environment.

The clinic is currently used by orthopaedic specialists, hand therapists and audiologists for consultation, minor procedures and seminars.

Consultation Rooms

Privacy and confidentiality
Consultation rooms are designed to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality. 


Adequate space and layout
Each room has enough space to accommodate the healthcare professional, the patient, and any necessary medical equipment. 

Functional equipment
Sufficient lighting for examinations and accurate assessments. 

Consultation rooms are equipped with basic medical instruments and equipment.

Communication tools
Access to a telephone, computer, and internet connection to enable healthcare professionals to access patient records, research information, or consult with other medical experts when needed.


Storage and organization
Adequate storage space for medical supplies, reference materials, and personal belongings of healthcare professionals.


Infection control measures
Appropriate infection control protocols in consultation rooms. Hand sanitizers, tissues, and waste disposal bins are available.

Aesthetics and ambiance
A warm and welcoming environment to reduce patient anxiety.

Surgical Operating Rooms

The surgical operating rooms are typically designed to provide a sterile and controlled environment for performing outpatient surgeries and procedures. These spaces are often used by different healthcare professionals who require access to a clean environment for minor interventions. The rooms are equipped with Opritech3502operating table suitable for general, orthopaedic, gynae/endo, opthalmic/ent surgery types. 

Size and layout
The operating theatre or procedure room is adequately sized to accommodate the surgical team, equipment, and necessary supplies. 

Sterile environment
A sterile environment is maintained to minimize the risk of infection. Strict protocols are implemented for sterile gowning and gloving, and appropriate air filtration and ventilation systems are in place to maintain clean air quality. Experienced health care assistant onsite to take care of the instrumentation sterilization and delivery.

Appropriate surgical lighting has been installed to ensure optimal visibility during the procedure. The Stryker Berchtold Chromophare F 628 surgical lights reduces Colour-Cast shadows to a minimum in the surgical field.

Equipment and instruments
The room is equipped with the necessary surgical instruments and equipment specifically tailored for minor procedures. 

Storage and organization
Sufficient storage space for surgical supplies, instruments, and equipment. Organization systems are implemented to facilitate easy access and inventory management.

Hand hygiene facilities
Easy access to hygiene facilities, including handwashing sinks, hand sanitizers, and appropriate disposal units for sharps and biomedical waste.


The facility is designed to accommodate patients with mobility challenges, including the availability of accessible entryways, and adjustable surgical tables or chairs.


Seminar Room

The seminar room is designed to accommodate groups for conferences, presentations, workshops, training sessions, and other similar events. This room is equipped with seating, audiovisual equipment, and other amenities to facilitate effective communication and learning.

Room layout and seating
Option for a flexible room layout that allows for different seating arrangements based on the nature of the seminar. 

Space and capacity
There is ample space for participants to move around comfortably and interact with each other. The room has sufficient storage space for equipment and materials.

Audio-visual equipment
Audio-visual equipment to support presentations and multimedia content. (projector and screen, sound system, microphones). 

Internet connectivity
Reliable and high-speed internet access crucial for live demonstrations, online resources, and interactive activities. 

Electrical outlets and connectivity
Sufficient electrical outlets and connectivity options for attendees to charge their devices or connect their laptops for interactive sessions or note-taking.

Climate control
Air conditioning (HVAC) systems to regulate the temperature based on the number of participants and external conditions.

Storage and display areas
Storage areas for seminar materials, stationery, and equipment. Display areas or boards for posters, announcements, or session schedules.

Accessibility to amenities
The seminar room is located near restrooms, refreshment areas, and breakout spaces where participants can take breaks or engage in discussions.

Safety measures
Safety features such as emergency exits, fire alarms. 


The rooms are available to hire on a full day or half day basis. The clinic is in a prime location in Christchurch, easy to access with ample car parking.

Please contact us for flexible booking options and pricing information.

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